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Devlog 1/2021

Jesus, it’s been another 3 months and my progress bar continues to fill …

Together with the Dev Stream participants, I created a vast snow area, with some funky enemies (also from ideas, that the stream gave me):








Without a doubt the tastiest enemy in the game!

And then I had a ton of fun making some trippy scenes, that happen on a water cargo ship. This gif represents the whole flair of those scenes:joint








And of course, I created some more solid tunes, that’ll set the right mood.
This is a track, that plays in some sort of laboratory:

And this one is a track as classical as it could be in an RPG:

Okay, it’s a bit inspired by Jimmy Hendrix Solos. ;)

And right now I’m starting to develop the last section of the game. Yes, that’s right. So wish me luck and I’ll see you in the Dev Stream or on the next update.

Keep it deep, Jan