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DEEP 8 Trailer 2016

Finally I’m releasing the trailer for the second demo! That means, yes, you’re guessing it, it’s just a really small step to the actual demo release.
Currently the betatest is still in progress and unfortunately there’s a lack of testers … I’d especially like to have a few native english speakers for the english version of the game.
So hopefully you help me get this going and we all will hold a fully working second demo in hands soon.

Modsystem ENG – Improvement of the Modsystem

Woah? Just another Update? Yeah … but … wait? Why am I writing in english? Ah, I see, it’s about big money now? I wanna get famous among the english community? Nah, not really. But due to the fact that the upcoming demo will be in english or german, it makes sense, to post some english updates too. Maybe I’m gonna too all the updates in the future in english, I’m not sure yet.

I also recorded the video I posted last time again and this time in english.
So, have a look at that:


This is todays progress: I optimized the mod menu by adding the possibillity to change the mod type via arrow keys. You can also see while calling one mod type what you have equipped on the other ones, cool huh?

mods 2

World Map Theme

Habe heute mein World Map Theme soweit fertig gestellt. Was ich noch korrigieren werde, ist die Oboe am Anfang, die etwas leise ist. Ich war zunächst der Meinung, dass das Stück sehr seltsam geworden ist aber gerade bin ich ganz zufrieden damit.