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The universe of DEEP 8 is called Omnia. It’s not like it has no end and if you fly in one direction you can do that for the rest of eternity, no, like it’s a globe, you emerge on the left side if you fly far right. Okay, this is video game logic, I don’t need to justify everything.

Omnia contains three suns, called Ovi I, Ovi II and Glandis.
And of course it also contains several planets and their temperature and their flora depend on the distance to the suns.

The planets are populated by different races like for example the mighty Droons with their green martialness, the furry Dominators, also called Summoners or the normally peace loving Dayigons, which is also the race, our protagonist Ramirez belongs too.

Ramirez might be the shyest individual, that you could ever encounter. So, if you play the game, maybe you should’nt try identifying with him, ’cause it probably wont work in most cases.
What also bothers him, is all these thoughts about women. He cannot help thinking about that but when it happens he allways forces himself to stop, for some reason.
Aside from being a social cripple, he’s a respectable fighter and reliable employee.

His female partner Meling is not a very pleasant companion. She’s barely talking to him and when she does, she usually does it in an insulting or humiliating way, which not really raises his confidence. Meling has long beautiful black hair, soft pale skin and nice boobs. That’s at least what Ramirez is thinking at some moments before prohibiting himself to do so.

Aside form being a real fury, Meling weilds a gigantic axe in battle, which enables her to crush any enemy they encouter.

Ramirez and Meling work for the emperor Vagnus of Antia. That is a big city on planet Lisarya, which is mostly populated by Dayigons.
For some weeks now, the people are very anxious, cause’ they seem to face a really great threat. They even have to fear the extinction of their race.
The Droons, allways known for matrial behaviour seem to have set their mind to committing a genocide on the Dayigons. They used a weapon called Pluz-Cannon to vaporize several planets and raided others with ground forces. Now they are planning on destroying Lisarya as well with one big bang, but they ran out of the rare mineral Pluz. As soon as they find a new source for it, they would equip their cannon with it and blow up Lisarya immediately. Millions of Dayigons would be dust within a blink.

Now the Dayigons are a nation of lower techological standards and they are facing a superiority. But how hopeless the situation might be, they can’t give in. They try to think of some kind of defense plan against the Droons. For that purpose the unequal duo Ramirez and Meling is sent to an abandoned base of the Droons, where they are supposed to search for weapons or other useful stuff.

With constant tension between them, many awkard situations and in danger of being extinguished at any time, the story begins.