Future of DEEP 8(E)

Some times in the 10 years lasting work process of this game, I would never have thought to ever get this far. Still it is of course my dream to complete it. This will probably require to work full time on it at least for a longer period.
And that’s why I’m planning on launching a crowdfunding campaign. That would be in about 1,5 years. Till then I’ll see how people react on this demo and try to make it more popular.

Another requirement for maybe selling an upcoming full version of DEEP 8 would be some progress with the license stuff of the offical version of RM 2k3. What I definitely need is support for DynRpg.

Another very promising project is easyrpg which is gonna allow to import RM games and even run them on android phones.

Possibly I’m gonna take a look at Steam Greenlight in the upcoming months. Anyways I’m thankful if you have some advise what else I could consider.

Should you want to support the game, then play it, tell you friends, give me feedback and like the FB Page Klick or the trailer on youtube.

Keep you’re eyes open and return from time to time to not miss that crowdfunding. ;)