Demo 2 Download(E)

Caution: A new version of the demo is going to be released soon (2018)! It’s gonna run on a new engine (easyrpg) and if you wanna play the demo I’d like you to wait for that new version, thanks. :)

In autumn 2015 this game had it’s 10th anniversary. No, not of beeing finished, but of me working on it. The basic idea is kinda hard to explain. But what I pretty much have in mind, is creating the ultimate game … for me. That means, that I try to combine everything I think of as “cool” in it, including Rpgs like of course Final Fantasy, movies like Star Wars, Transformers and even for instance literature like Apollinaires “Les onze mille verges” … which I just discovered recently, but I was thinking to myself “Yeah, that’s pretty much the shit”.
Talking of Apollinaire, what I allways thought, was missing in most Rpgs, was the sexual aspects of our world, or my world… so you can expect some of it in here.

DEEP 8 on Facebook: LINK

Length of the current demo: 5-6 hours



Dear Let’s Players …

This project exists almost as long as youtube does. And I’ve intested an unimagineable amout of time in it. That’s why I would find it nice of you if you’d at least ask and we chat a bit if this is the right thing for you.


Ramirez and Meling are a team of elite fighters, working for the emperor of Antia. But apparently they are having a bit of trouble, beeing in a team because they experience a lot of strange situations, full of tension where they’re not really able to talk to each other.
But these problems are nothing compared to the actual trouble they are in. The race Ramirez belongs to, the Dayigons, are in danger of being extinct soon because another race, the Droons seem to have set their mind to committing a genocide on them. But why would you want to extinguish a whole race?

Battle System

Basicly it’s a pretty classic kind of side view turn based battle system. I tried to arange it very tactical. No element should be useless. For instance, the defense-command not only halfs the damage, but also heals some HP/MP, make the ATB bar fill quicker for the next turn and even makes the fury-bar(which you need for special attacks) fill up quicker too, if the character gets attacked while defending.
However the core of the BS is the so called Modsystem, which I try to explain here:

Battles are not that easy I guess. But several betatesters advised me against making them easier. So, with a bit of training and using the given abilities , you’ll come through.