Devlog 9/2020

Dude! What?!

How has it been 6 months since my last devlog? Can’t believe it. But it’s also unbelievable how far I’ve come with this game. I just finished a big chunk of plot and I’m getting close to the final sprint. Visualized, this is where we are at right now:
Created with GIMP
The following places have been created since the last log:

  • Coma Swamp area
  • Ocean prison
  • A deep sea cave
  • secret town Ramamore
  • Kingdom of Moralless


This cave holds quite a few surprises for you. One of them is the “wave room”, that probably a lot of you will enjoy quite a bit. Or maybe not! :D


Another one is this enemy I created among a lot of other funny and weird ones:







Might remind you of something.

This is a very dusty stairwell:


A lot of music has been created too. And again I wanna give you a bit of a taste, what these pieces are like.

Theme of Ramamore, a secret town underneath the earth inside a cave.

This actually a battle theme, yet for a rather special battle. I went a little crazy on it, but I feel like it turned out interesting.


Of course I will try to keep on working like that and plan on finishing the story by around march or april. Around 4 new places have to be created till then. Some are rather small, but one is quite huge. So it’s always a bit difficult to estimate, how long it’ll take.

If you have any feedback or questions: I’m happy to hear it or answer them. Remember to join the discord server and discuss the game with us:
And play the demo on steam:

Keep it deep, Jan

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