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Devlog 2/2020

Hey folks,

the last months have been a bit hectic for me, yet I still managed to create another big chunk (almost wrote pile) of DEEP 8 content.

2 very important places have been build that will be the stages for some of the most amazing, dramatic and awkward scenes of the game. Well, that’s at least my perception and it’s really hard to wait for how players might react to all of that. Of course I’m not going into any details right now. Here’s how the completed chunk looks on progress timeline:Created with GIMP

As you can see, it’s safe to say that content wise, we made it past the first half. This is also supported by having a look at the “mini chapters” of the DEEP 8 novel of which exist 100 and we arrived at 56 for the game content.
Well, there’s one little cutback on this progress, which is the fact that right now I’m only focussing on core plot content. So sidequests, optional content and NPCs are yet to be created. Hopefully I will get some help from my partner Jana for this, who is not feeling very well right now.
Here’s a peek into the city of Toya, which we will ecounter multiple times over the course of the game:


Well what is this strange octagonal thing going to be?

And this what the city sounds like:

It’s sometimes a bit difficult for me to write music in major key, but I feel I did a pretty good job here. A lot of FF9 went into this. :D
And this is the theme of a quite important character:

I havn’t made any music in a long time and I was very grateful to get back to that. I created 7 new tracks for the soundtrack and thus stacked the trackcount to 37. We’re gettin somewhere!

Now I have to to get back to some stuff that is not tooo much fun for me: battle and developing system. The concept for the new character has to be thought out and implementet. Also new abilities for all characters. This can be tedious, yet eventually fun when it’s working and looking good.

When this is done, we are already heading out for another planet! So probably the next devlog is gonna show some of that shit. Stay tuned.

And if you wanna motivate me, give feedback or just chat. Check out the DEEP 8 discord server:

Keep it deep, Jan